OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — New court documents reveal the moments before the October 13 shooting of Oklahoma City police officer.

“To be targeted and be shot at, it’s kind of crazy,” said Genaro Sexton, who lives nearby.

Residents at a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex are relieved the officer was only slightly injured.

Genaro Sexton was walking home from the gym when the chaos unfolded.

“It was very, very hectic,” said Sexton.

Documents show the shooting was not random, but that Wilson planned to “pop a cop” in retaliation.

Wilson claims this was for his cousin who was shot by police in Cleveland County.

Sexton served in the Army for seven years and he said he’s seen it all, but never expected this.

“I was absolutely floored when I heard it was really targeted that cop,” said Sexton.

The arrest affidavit revealed Wilson was on a mission, stating he went to a gas station that day earlier with a friend and stood in line behind a police officer.

According to the document, the friend had to convince Wilson to not shoot the officer.

Hours later, Wilson opened fire and an officer’s arm was hit by shrapnel.

“We’re very fortunate, very thankful that nobody was seriously injured in this,” said MSgt. Gary Knight.

Wilson is now sitting in jail facing multiple charges, including shooting with intent to kill.

Sexton said it brings him major comfort knowing Wilson is in custody.

“It does give you a peace of mind knowing that the coverage of the cops involved did everything they could to catch this criminal and to get them off the street,” said Sexton.