OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Sir Indiana Bones is, despite his jet-black coat, a lucky cat, especially when you compare him to the other feline specimens in residence at Skulls Unlimited or the Museum of Osteology.

Supply Chain Manager Brenna Glover is one of several employees who formed a ‘Kitty Committee’ back in 2019 to procure a pet.

One trip to the Moore Animal Shelter and he chose them.

“Indy was really persistent,” she remembers. “He just kept reaching through the cage and grabbing at Kristen (another employee). So we were like, ‘that’s our cat.'”

Skip forward less that 5 years and Indy has become much more than just part of the surroundings,

His name came from an online poll, but he now boasts popular Instagram and TikTok pages.

“The internet is a crazy place and you never know,” Brenna adds. “I don’t even know how many followers he has. 40,000 on Instagram and around the same on TikTok.”

Indiana Bones even has his own merchandise in the gift shop.

That corner is a favorite because of the catnip on the shelf.

Cast your eyes just about anywhere, work tables, among the specimens, and offices.

Sir Indy is likely close by.

He’s not a great fan of crowds, but like any cat, he is curious and cautiously friendly.

“You’re not worried about a black cat crossing your path?” we ask.

“No, no,” smiles Brenna. “Not at all. He’s not bad luck. He’s the best luck.”

To let you know just how valuable to the Skulls Unlimited he’s become, Brenna and other ‘catagers’ voted him Employee of the Moth recently for his skills in marketing and procuring donated treats for friends still living at the Moore Animal Shelter.

His privileged place in the warm spotlight of sun shining through the gift shop door is assured for as long as there is flesh on his ‘Indiana Bones’, and maybe even after that.

For more information on Skulls Unlimited and the Museum of Osteology, go to their website.


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