(NEXSTAR) – What fools we were to believe McDonald’s was retiring the McRib!

Despite throwing a “farewell tour” for its seasonal McRib sandwich in 2022, McDonald’s has confirmed the item’s return to select restaurants next month.

“It turns out not everyone was ready to say goodbye to the McRib after last year’s Farewell Tour,” reads a statement from McDonald’s. “While it won’t be available nationwide, some lucky fans may find their favorite elusive saucy sandwich at their local McDonald’s restaurants this November.”


The sandwich, which debuted on menus in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981, has enjoyed a cult following for decades, thanks in no small part to its fleeting, sporadic appearances at restaurants. Speaking to its elusiveness, Mike Bullington, the senior archives manager for McDonald’s, said in a 2021 press release that the sandwich was designed to be “enjoyed during the colder seasons.”

McDonald’s had also previously revealed that the sandwich infrequently appears on its restaurants’ menus because it’s “a local option based on customer demand,” according to a 2017 tweet from the company.

A representative for McDonald’s did not say where, specifically, the sandwich will be available during its upcoming November run, nor when that information would be made public.

Customers probably shouldn’t worry, though: If you miss the McRib this time around, there’s literally no reason to believe McDonald’s will ever cease to reintroduce the McRib every year for the rest of our lives.