NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Saturday was Clear The Shelters Day across Oklahoma and the United States, held in conjunction with our network, NBC.

“We have about 50 dogs that are available for adoption right now and about 25 cats. So still plenty of dogs and cats down here available for adoption.” said Ashley Battiest, Animal Shelter Supervisor at the City of Norman Animal Welfare.

  • Boy holding dog.
  • Woman holding cat.
  • Family holding dog.
  • Dog up for adoption for Clear the Shelter's Day.
  • Dog up for adoption for Clear the Shelter's Day.
  • Clear the Shelters Day. Image KFOR.

Plenty of animals found their forever homes, like a cute little cat who was adopted by the Melroses from Norman Animal Welfare.

“We got a kitty, we’re so excited.” said Shari Melrose.

Second Chance Animal Shelter was also very busy. They even had Guinea Pigs, like little Copper.

“Second chance is dedicated to helping the overpopulation crisis in the pet industry with dogs and cats and pocket pets.” said Eva Craig, a manager at Second Chance Animal Shelter.

  • Second Chance Animal Shelter. Image KFOR.
  • Woman holding two cats.
  • Second Chance Animal Shelter. Image KFOR.

Officials say studies have shown that animals can actually help improve our health. The simple action of petting or even talking to an animal like a dog or cat can lower blood pressure.

News 4 is proud to be the television sponsor of Clear The Shelters Day in Oklahoma and we thank participating shelters and Oklahomans who’ve opened their homes to a new pet.